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Select Outdoor Storehouse Inc.

A non profit, green, agricultural farm and visitor’s center that is family owned and operated.


S.O.S was established in 2022 by a retired US Army Veteran and family within the rural community of Supply, Virginia, a tightly knit community in the agricultural district of Essex County, Virginia.

Our Vision

"Where We Grow LOVE!"


See our Mission Statement below!

Our Mission Statement

Select Outdoor Storehouse [S.O.S] is dedicated to serving the mission of redefining community support for those underserved amongst the families that make up the warm, friendly community of Supply, Virginia.


S.O.S also plans expansive future outreach to others suffering in impoverished "food deserts" in Essex County and surrounding counties where healthy food choices and selections may be farther than a mile away, often the elderly.


By contributing to current efforts of support by providing wholesome vegetables, flowers– as well as this farm's future potential in green innovation, agricultural education, and nutrition outreach programs– this mission assures that not only will the overall mental and physical health of this community improve, but allow these families to thrive.

The Select Outdoor Storehouse Mission is not monetary gain, but the optimization of the quality of  life for all.


More About Us

About S.O.S

Select Outdoor Storehouse [S.O.S] is currently USDA approved, and mentored by neighboring farms and farmers. This environmentally illustrious and historical space is also supported by the Virginia State University School of Agricultural Development, who personally helped till, row and plant the very first successful yields in the late summer of 2022: A bountiful grow of sweet potatoes, collard greens, and fresh cabbage. S.O.S also has plans to grow pumpkins, blueberries, and other products in the upcoming seasons.

Some of the potential future features of the organizations farm and green space are:

  • solar power

  • fruit orchard

  • grow | high tunnel(s)

  • solar | aquaponic greenhouse

  • green tech & education center 

  • well and drip irrigation system

  • mobile roadside fruit & vegetable stand(s) |  delivery system(s)

The project also hopes to gain grant and resource support via:

  • Veteran's Farming Coalition [VFC]

  • National Institute for Food & Agriculture [NIFA]

  • ​National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition [NSAC]

  • United States Department of Agriculture [USDA]

S.O.S was recently approved by the USDA for a 90-foot grow tunnel!



Interested in learning more about S.O.S, our work, or how we can collaborate on an upcoming project?

Feel free to CONTACT US!


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"Where We Grow LOVE"

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